[Seoul Fintech Lab Resident 5] iMPERFECT – Increasing Sales with AR technology for Retailers


AR technology for retailers is the future. 2020 has been a difficult year for most of us. But it’s been a real struggle for brick-and-mortar businesses who rely on offline traffic. They need to find a way to attract customers to their stores in a safe manner. Survey has shown that while there are many benefits to eCommerce, consumers still prefer physical shopping experience over buying online. Augmented Reality (AR) can be leveraged by offline stores. Using AR for retailers is now in high demand.  iMPERFECT helps businesses increase offline visits and sales with innovative mobile apps. They are a Vision AI + AR solution company that is preparing an SDK business that can be quickly embedded into corporate services that want to use customized Ar solutions. They leverage the power of augmented reality (AR) to allow users to interact with real-world environments that are enhanced by computer-generated images, video, and audio. They are currently preparing to launch an AR service using smart glasses. 

AR Technology for Retailers - How to Increase Sales

AR technology can revolutionize the offline shopping experience which can lead to an increase in sales and customer loyalty. They can help offline retailers provide their customers unforgettable and fun experiences using the latest digital technology. Below are a few examples of how AR can help retailers increase their offline sales. 

Find Products Quickly 

Shoppers have experienced having to navigate through numerous shelves until they find what they are looking for. By incorporating AR, retailers can help their customers navigate through stores so they can find the product they need in a timely manner. 

See More Products

Offline retailers can use AR to place a variety of products on shelves to match customers' preferences. Simply by using their smartphone, customers can browse through a shop's entire catalog as well as receive insights about the products. 

Gain Customer Insights

AR technology allows retailers to learn about the shopper’s habits and preferences to get a better insight into improving their personal shopping experience. With this data, they will be able to offer personalized offers and discounts for their next visit. 

Gamify the Shopping Experience 

Retailers can encourage customers to use their AR app to find hidden promo codes throughout the store. Or use AR to have customers interact with a particular product to earn in-store rewards/points. 

Digital Assistants

Imagine fun digital characters guiding customers through their store! Or better yet, why not have a parade in front of the store to attract passersby. 

AR is an effective marketing tool that works for both shoppers and retailers. The possibilities with AR are endless. If implemented correctly, it can provide customers with an unforgettable shopping experience that they would want to share with their friends. There are many ways AR technology can be applied to retailers. Not one strategy will be a fit for all. Therefore, iMPERFECT will work with clients to create and customize each project specifically tailored to their needs. The end result is an entertaining solution that is sure to bring in customers, new and old.