[Seoul Fintech Lab Resident 1] Spiceware – Cloud Data Security Startup for Businesses


Cloud Data Security Startup for Businesses

We all recognize the benefits that the cloud provides in both our daily and professional lives. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more businesses are moving their data to allow employees to work from home and be more productive. But with all the benefits the cloud provides, also come threats. Business data is more vulnerable than ever before. Therefore, a data breach is not a matter of if, but a matter of when. You've probably heard countless stories of data being lost due to malicious attacks, human error, or system glitches. These data breaches are a critical issue, but even after billions of data being leaked or lost, only a fraction of data on the cloud remains encrypted. Spiceware, is a cloud-native privacy protection service for businesses seeking cloud data security. 

What is Cloud Data Security?

Cloud data security is the securing of a business's data in a cloud environment. This means the data will be secure wherever the data is located, whether it is at rest or in motion, and whether it is managed by a 3rd party or by the company itself. These days more and more businesses are going away from managing their own data centers to storing their data in the cloud (public, private, or hybrid).

Key Features of Spiceware on Cloud

SpicewareSpiceware offers a comprehensive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Lifecycle Platform. PII can mean many things such as a name, phone number, address, and even your voice/fingerprint. While PII might not be private information, it is still sensitive information that needs to be secured. Businesses store PII until it is ready to use. After it is no longer needed there are policies that determine when the time period for holding on to the data has expired. Spiceware allows businesses to manage PII in accordance with privacy protection regulations and guidelines guaranteeing users their “right to be forgotten”. Spiceware's comprehensive automated cloud-native PII protection service offers some key features such as:

  1. Collection, Detection, & Encryption (CDE)

  2. Real-Time Management of PII Access Log (ALM)

  3. Anonymization & Pseudonymization (ANP)

  4. PII Retention & Destruction (RND)

Why Businesses Should Use Spiceware for Cloud Data Security 

Data breaches have cost immeasurable fiscal and even political harm to companies and nations around the world. From the moment data is compromised, to the entire investigation and recovery process, the effects from a single data breach can have a significant impact on business operations. What most people are unaware of is the fact that conventional security methods are not 100% effective in cloud environments. Since data breaches are unavoidable and frequent, the most secure and effective way to ensure the protection of data is a data encryption method via a cloud-native solution. Industries that should be using Spiceware include: 


  • Protects patient's sensitive medical information 

  • Keeps access record for future audits 


  • Protects sensitive data and intellectual property

  • Supports technology adoption and digital transformation


  • Applicable to existing technology used in government systems

  • Applicable to complex cloud environments such as private, public, and hybrid clouds

  • Complies with strict privacy protection regulations


  • Protects highly sensitive financial data

  • Protects PII during data transfer

  • Full compliance with privacy protection regulations

Spiceware is a cost-effective and convenient cloud security protection service in the category of Privacy-Preserving in Analytics that integrates seamlessly to all cloud databases without code modifications using their patented technology. With Spiceware, you don't need an expert to get protection in the cloud because its automated encryption service eliminates potential threats and product data from possible breaches. Their software works on a simple but powerful premise that it is not about putting up barriers around your data. It is about encrypting that data so that the act of hacking itself is made obsolete, which is why Spiceware is the most productive and convenient way to protect your assets.