[For foreign startups] Application for Seoul Fintech Lab 2022 (March)


The Seoul Fintech Lab is pleased to announce the opening of the application for our 2021 fintech startup incubation program. We invite you to apply for our program with your great business and join the biggest fintech community in Seoul, Korea.

Please refer to the announcement below for more information.

□ Eligibility
Fintech startups, which plan to expand into the Asian markets, or to begin with South Korea in the fintech relevant businesses

□ Application Period
March 2nd, 2022 ~ March 31th, 2022 23:59(KST)

□ Announcement
Attachment #1 2022 Application Open for Seoul Fintech Lab

□ Application Link
(Foreign Startup)https://seoulfintechlab.formstack.com/forms/apply_foreign2022_mar02

□ 국내기업 신청
(유형1) https://seoulfintechlab.formstack.com/forms/apply2022_mar02_track1
(유형2) https://seoulfintechlab.formstack.com/forms/apply2022_mar02_track2